IRISH TRAFFIC SIGNS – the essential guide

Having been involved in the driver training industry for many years, I’ve been amazed at the lack of written directions and information on the vast majority of traffic signs encountered on Irish roads. How can a learner driver, or any driver for that matter, understand and comply with the rules and regulations that govern signs if they have no guidance as to what they are or what they mean. Irish Traffic Signs – the essential guide is the first and only digital publication to provide a comprehensive review of the signage system in Ireland and offers an in-depth explanation on an extensive range of signs, from the most common to the more obscure, all of which are likely to be encountered on Irish roads. Packed with over eight hundred signs, this beautifully illustrated manual is a handy reference guide for anyone driving or planning to drive in Ireland. This eBook publication is an ideal companion and builds on the information provided in the Official Rules of the Road.

Irish Traffic Signs – the essential guide is divided into 23 clear and easy to use chapters covering regulatory signs, warning signs, speed limit signs, low bridge signs, level crossing signs, tram signs, bus and cycle signs, pedestrian zone signs, on-street parking signs, clearway zone signs, loading bay signs, taxi rank signs, vehicle restriction signs, road markings, traffic calming, schools and children, motorway signs, tunnel signs, all-purpose road signs, tourist information signs, off-street parking signs, other direction signs, traffic signals, pedestrian and cycle crossings, roadworks and temporary signs and information on motorway and dual carriageway service areas, tolls and rest areas.

Having complied information and details on over eight hundred signs, I believe that this publication makes Irish Traffic Signs – the essential guide one of the most invaluable sources of material on the market today and ……. surely an essential guide!


As a new driver, learning and understating traffic signs is an integral part of driver education. Studying this comprehensive guide will not only give you an insight into the majority of traffic signs encountered on Irish roads but will also give the necessary information to avoid potential danger

Peter Russell

Professor of Road Safety Research & Education

A comprehensive guide to Irish Traffic Signs. An essential read for all drivers.

Darren Liggett

Irish Sun Motoring Editor

This is an exhaustive collection of more than 800 signs that will be invaluable to anyone, especially tourists, driving or planning to drive in Ireland.

Eddie Cunningham

Motoring Editor, Irish Independent

This colourful traffic-signs guide is a must read for every Irish motorist.

Robbie Farrell

Sunday World Motoring Editor

Would recommend this beautifully illustrated guide to anyone planning a driving holiday in Ireland. Found it really helpful on my travels.

Siobhán Mac Mahon

Covington, Louisiana, USA


Mr Signs has been involved in the driver training industry in Ireland for many years and has numerous qualifications, awards and certificates in driving tuition and in advanced driving. His primary focus is educating NEW and NOVICE drivers, through various social media and digital platforms, on the knowledge and skills and on the risk and values required to become a competent, safe and socially responsible road user. The main emphasis is to promote awareness of the current laws, rules, regulations, customs and practices that govern our licensing, training and testing. Mr Sign’s driving experience spans over 20 years and he is a dedicated road safety advocate. He also offers guidance to anyone planning a driving holiday in Ireland as a “SELF-DRIVE TOURIST”. This includes: renting a vehicle, licence/documentation, legal requirements, driving on the left, safety measures and scenic routes. 

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