BLOG: 1 # Learning to Drive.

by | 25 Jan 2020

Each year hundreds of people are killed and thousands are seriously injured on Irish roads. The overwhelming majority (approximately ninety per cent) of collisions that result in these deaths and injuries are caused by human error.

These startling statistics just prove our imperfections and illustrate the consequences of our mistakes. One moment of careless or reckless driving could lead to a lifetime of physical suffering or financial ruin.

Driving is a huge responsibility that requires constant assessment and reassessment of one’s skills, knowledge and attitude. Not only do we have to think about our own performance we also need to think about the safety of other road users. While on the road, we are guaranteed at some stage to encounter other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and occasionally horse riders. It is Important to remember that the road network is a shared resource which everyone is entitled to use. When sharing the road, drivers should:

  • be patient
  • show consideration and courtesy to other road users, and
  • make allowances for the most vulnerable on our roads, regardless of their capabilities or limitations.

Safe driving is all about developing the correct attitude to risk, driving within one’s own capability and having an in-depth knowledge of the Rules of the Road. Driving with due care and attention can make each journey safer, less stressful and above all, more enjoyable.

We hope that you enjoy this series of blogs and find it a useful source of information for a long and successful driving career.

Next stage…….applying for a Theory Test.

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