BLOG: 2 # Applying for a Theory Test.

by | 1 Feb 2020

In order to legally drive a mechanically propelled vehicle on a public road in Ireland, you must first obtain a learner permit. For the record, Beaches, Car Parks and Industrial Estates are not classed as private places and you must have a licence to drive in these areas.

Before your local Driver Licence Centre can issue you with a Learner Permit, you will need to book, sit and pass a theory test for the category of vehicle you want to drive. Go to for more details.

The Theory Test is a computer-based exam and is presented in a user friendly format suitable for people of all levels of computer skills. The test is designed to check your knowledge on topics such as:


There are 40 multiple choice questions in the category BW test (Cars, Light Vans, Land Tractors and Work Vehicles). These are randomly chosen and a test candidate must correctly answer 35 questions in 45 minutes in order to pass.

Official copies of the Driver Theory Test study material (Book and CD-ROM) are available online at or from all good bookstores nationwide. The book contains all the questions in the theory test databank that could be asked during the test, as well as all the answers. The CD is a computer-based interactive learning tool, providing “practice tests” which mimic the real exam experience and allow candidates to gauge their own progress during practice sessions. There is also an online training subscription available. This offers candidates the opportunity to read through all the questions and answers and also to generate mock tests to practice. Go to for more details.

There are over 40 Test Centres nationwide and you can book and sit a test in any centre of your choice. Candidates who may have a language or special needs requirement are also catered for. You can book a theory test:



Details can be found at

Or by Post

An application form can also be obtained through your local Driver Licence Centre, Motor Tax Office or Driving Test Centre.

Application Forms can be posted to

Driver Theory Test
PO Box 15
Co. Louth

On the day of your theory test, you are required to present your Public Service Card (PSC) as proof of identification. Make sure that the name and number stated on the card are exactly the same name and number as are on your application form. 

 Once you have passed your theory test, the next stage is to have an eyesight test. An Eyesight tests must be conducted by a registered optician or medical practitioner. This test will determine if you have sufficient sight to drive or if you need to wear glasses or contact lenses. 


With approximately 75% of information collected visually, it can’t be stressed enough how important it is to have good eyesight when driving! This is especially important when visibility is reduced in adverse weather conditions or when you’re driving at night. NDLS Eyesight Report form (D502) can be obtained online at or through your local Driver Licence Centre, Motor Tax Office or Driving Test Centre. After your initial eyesight test, you should have your eyes checked regularly as your sight may deteriorate over time.

Once you have your Test Pass Certificate and Eyesight Report, you are really for the next stage in the Learning Drive Process……. applying for a Driver Learner Permit.

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