BLOG: 5 # Driving Legally.

by | 22 Feb 2020

To enable a learner driver to take a vehicle onto a public road he/she must first comply with the following.


  • must hold a learner permit for that category of vehicle.
  • must have Insurance and must have disc displayed (minimum legal requirement is third party cover); also, if driving another vehicle must make sure that he/she is insured.
  • must have road tax and must have disc displayed (he/she may not drive a vehicle in a public place unless it’s taxed)
  • must have NCT completed successfully and must have disc displayed (also must insure that the vehicle is roadworthy and that brakes, tyres, lights, indicators, etc, are in working order and in good condition)
  • must have L-Plates displayed (not obstructing the view to the front or rear)
  • must be seat belt compliant (must always wear one)
  • must be an accompanied driver (at all times)
  • must avoid motorways (off limits)
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