BLOG: 6 # Goals for Driver Education.

by | 29 Feb 2020

The (GDE) Matrix is a European-wide framework developed through decades of research in driver behaviour and, is a ‘blueprint’ in educating young drivers on the knowledge and skills, risk and values required to become a competent, safe and socially responsible road user.

The (GDE) Matrix shows that in order to improve road safety, drivers need to possess not only knowledge and skills relating to the actual driving task or the physical and mechanical skills of driving (Level 1) and how to negotiate through traffic (Level 2) but, more significantly, the skills to self-analyse personal risks associated with individual journeys (Level 3) and the personal values and goals that influence behaviour in traffic (Level 4). It’s important also to understand risk-increasing factors and develop skills in self-analysis so that one can understand how beliefs and behaviours increase risk of being involved in a crash. As you can see from the chart above, the four levels are considered hierarchical, because the higher levels directly affect the lower ones. Anyone learning to drive should study the GDE Matrix and pay particular attention to levels 3 and 4.

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